P.A. Starck Piano #74943

Founded in 1891 by Philip A. Starck, this venerable maker was located on South Ashland Avenue in Chicago until the mid-1960s. Currently for sale company's piano number 74943, a five-foot grand manufactured in 1930. 


Status: This piano has been sold and delivered to its new home in Bernardsville, New Jersey.

Commentary: This is a beautiful, Chicago-built piano from the heyday of the American piano industry. The finish is in a stunning zebra mahogany. Original soundboard and pinblock were in perfect shape and were retained. The instrument has been restrung, revitalized, and fully regulated. The original action was retained, but will only last a few more years under moderate to heavy use. Likewise, the hammers are likely only good for ten to fifteen more years. This work can be completed now or scheduled for a later year, depending upon the buyer's budget.

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Rebuilt pedal assembly

Replacement of the pedals was necessary, as one pedal was missing and the other two severely tarnished. Because the original pedals were of an unusual size, new holes had be be drilled inside the box in order to accommodate the new ones.