Mehlin & Sons #35220

Established by Paul G. Mehlin in 1889, this company was a highly respected New York maker and remained in business until around 1960. Number 35220 is a 5'4" grand built in 1916. At just over 100 years old, the instrument is in fairly good shape. Work on this piano can is underway, with completion anticipated in time for Christmas 2019.


Status: Restoration is underway. See notes and photos below for progress.

Asking Price Range: $19,500 fully restored.

Lease to own option is available.


Work currently underway includes the following:

  • Case has been refinished. See photos below.

  • Soundboard has been cleaned and refinished. A Dampp-Chaser humidity control system is recommended.

  • Plate has been thoroughly cleaned and refinished to its original luster.

  • Bridges are in fine shape, but the bridge caps were badly cracked and have been replaced.

  • Pinblock is in excellent shape. It was treated with a wood restorer.

  • Strings are being replaced with custom Schaff bass strings and Rosslau treble wire.

  • Keys are in beautiful shape. They will be cleaned and rebushed only.

  • Original ivory keytops are mostly intact but in rough shape. They may be polished and repaired or new keytops provided, at the buyer's preference.

  • Hammers, Action, and Back (damper) Action will be replaced. Because the original action had a very unique design, the top action will need to be completely rebuilt.

  • Damper felts have been replaced, but the original, hand-carved damper heads have been retained and refinished. The damper guide rail has also been replaced with a custom-built, solid mahogany replacement.

  • Pedals and trapwork will be polished and lubricated.

  • The piano presently has no bench. Asking price includes a Jansen "Petite" Artist's Bench. Other options are available.


Click here to download our full inspection report, showing options and recommendations for rebuilding.



  • Delivery included within the Chicago metropolitan area

  • Five-year warranty on all restored parts and labor

  • All tuning and maintenace for two years

  • Lifetime trade-in agreement


Gallery one: "Before"
Gallery two: "Teardown"
Gallery three: "Bridge Recap"
Gallery Four: "Replacing the damper guide rail"
Gallery Five: "Replacing the damper action using new Renner parts"
Gallery Six: "Refinishing the case, soundboard, and plate"
Gallery Seven: "Restringing using a perfected string scale"

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