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Services for composers

Choral arrangement and editing
  • Review manuscripts by composers who are not choral specialists and make edits and suggestions for choir-friendliness and singability

  • Choral arrangement of a composer's song or other composition

  • Custom arrangement of a pre-existing song or composition

  • Let me know what you need.

Score preparation and publishing services, offered through Tropp Music Editions
  • Professional, high-quality digital engraving

  • Print-on-demand publishing

  • Retail management and fulfillment (Digital or physical)

  • View some samples of our work here (coming soon)

  • All the benefits of self-publishing, but without the backroom burden

  • Please call (224.649.6000) or send an email message to get started.

Demo package production, offered jointly through
Tropp Music Editions, LLC and SoundByte Studios, LLC
  • Use the strengths of both of our sister companies to created a very high-end portfolio.

  • Sample recording production, performed by your choir or by members of the Chicago Galant Consort

  • Physical and digital portfolio design and production by Tropp Music Editions

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