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Services for students/consumers

Piano tuning, maintenance, and repair
Private instruction
  • Dr. Tropp is on the faculty of the School of Music, North Park University. He offers private instruction in conducting, ear training, and general musicianship skills.

  • Because of our extensive network, we can offer referrals to private teachers in nearly any instrument.

  • Drop a message and let us know what you need.

Audition package preparation

The requirements and expectations of music schools are being constantly raised and altered. As a collegiate faculty member, Dr. Tropp is uniquely suited to help prepare a package that will deliver exactly what the audition committee is seeking: audio, video, or a combination of the two. The simple, flat-rate package offered by SoundByte Studios has helped dozens of students gain admission to graduate schools, young artist programs, and invited auditions across the country.

Give a call to SoundByte Studios, 847.234.0213, or send an email message to get your project started.



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